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Some words from our Most Expensive Delhi Escort

People of Delhi considered as the most rude and not a single percent polite, as before going ahead of my introduction I request to stay away for such guys and people who are rude, not able to speak in a mannered way with a female and if you are not willing to spend good or a regular benchmark for those who think their personal and private desires are same as of their business and they can make a particular figure as its value then you are NOT welcome here. I prefer giving love and affection and expect not to be miserable in spending some amount for spending time with me.

In particular I am a simple girl whose life is same as of a normal girl who wake up early at 6 in the morning and then meet through the regular activities and then have breakfast and go for her college. In the college spending time with friends, attending classes and having fun which every college student must have during the life span of graduation in college or university. Returning home as usual and spending time with family and relatives, is this it? No, this is not it, because this is only my regular schedule and not the one which I make when I plan to bunk the college. I often bunk classes and go outdoor for movies and fun with friends and some days I prefer attending clients who have some usual and some unusual desires to be fulfilled which they are loading around with them all the times.

So this girl who often bunk colleges and do lots of fun is known by you people as RITU RANA the ultimate name and destination for anyone who is searching for a girl with class or a style symbol, a very cute but simple and beautiful in her simplicity with lots of hotness. Not like to speak this word but people know such services as Escorts Service but I consider it as a social service to those who are depressed and lost their dreams and solicit them back through the means of love and emotions. I do social service but this is 21st century and nothing happens without money so to obtain their broken desires back they have to do some charity by paying my required donations as and when said.

Working as the Solitary Delhi Escorts girl who is a good mood girl, attracts anyone with her simplicity and beauty. I am just 19 years old stunning with nice curves standing 5 feet 8 inches on the ground, having Zero attitude and a magical smile which hold anyone in a daze. I am very fair in complexion with pink coloured body and the parts. I am polite and speak English and Hindi so always expect the other person to be the same. I belong to Haryana but do not prefer the local ill-behaving people to meet me.

I am a family girl so my calls are generally attended by one of my friend who is living independently in Delhi and fix appointments for me. I do not visit on direct calls and prefer to get an appointment prior to meeting with a very simple and transparent procedure which will be told over the phone or mail when you approach.

Here are the list of few hotels in Delhi NCR which are female friendly and don’t make and objection for male and females meeting in private and do not consider the girl as Delhi Escorts girl but treat as the girlfriend of the gentleman accompanying her. So I love such hotels only who do not object about the personal meeting of two adults in this modern culture and all of them are 5 star or 7 star hotels of Delhi NCR. The list begins with the name of my favourite hotel which is Hotel Oberoi Gurgaon, Westin Gurgaon, Leela Kempenski, Radisson Dwarka, Radisson Blu Marina, Radisson Noida, Le-Meridien, Shangri-La Hotel, all the TAJ Hotels, all the Maurya Hotels, Courtyard Marriott, Pullman Hotel and much more in list.

Always thinking what is the magic in this little sweet girl who considers herself as the Independent Delhi Escorts babe and is so confident about her? Yes I am confident because I have qualities that make a man happy when with me and remove his stress and distort all the hurdles for the relaxed life. So do not think that escorts in Delhi are just the regular road side dummies you look for in the old times as fashion has changed and so as the world. Now the top models and celebrities are in the list of Elite Delhi Escorts who provide services to VIP and Business class people and so as called to offer VIP Delhi Escorts Service.

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