About Prisha

Hi friends, I am Prisha a housewife escort, I work as an independent escort who have been in business since the past 4 years. As an escort has been providing various kinds of services to my clients and over the due course of time, the one thing that my clients love is taking a massage from me. Over the years, i have been providing various kinds of massage services from simple ones to even exotic massages. During the time when you have opted for my massage, you can be sure that by the end of it you will feel happy and rejuvenated. As an escort, i love to pamper my clients to the best of my ability. So here are a few of the many massages that I provide.

Honey massage- Honey has various benefits to it, however apart from the internal benefits, honey also has external benefits. There is a special technique and method that is used during the time of the massage as well as the ambience that I create especially for this will make you relax completely. If you want to get the benefit of a massage which not just gives you the benefits of the relaxing however it also improves the texture of your skin then this is the massage for you.

Chocolate massage- For all the chocolate lovers, this is a massage that will tingle your sweet buds. You can combine this massage with a chocolate wrap in order to avail the maximum benefit of the massage. As a client, from the oil right up to the wrap that will be used will all be chocolate based. The fragrance of this massage will open your senses as well as relax your body to the fullest.

Erotic massage- For those who love to get naughty and want a massage that opens your sexual senses, then this is a massage for you. In this you can also opt for my special hand job or even get intimate with me during or after the massage. This is perfect for those who love to experience something new or want to bring about a change in the way they experience getting intimate.

Back rub- There is nothing better than to have a nice back rub from me, this is something that can be very special and is given to most of my regular clients. During the course of time, a lot of my clients have built a rapport with me. My special back rub gives you the opportunity to have me massaging your back while also getting you sexually active.

Swedish massage- Under this kind of massage there will be an alternate of light and hard pressured strokes that will go across your body. The whole idea of this kind of massage is to relieve the stress that your body has while reducing the pain, it also promotes the right kind of mood and relaxes your body.

While the list of specialised massages offered by Prisha housewife escort is long however these are a few of the most popular massages that my clients love to take from me regularly. Since i am a physiotherapist, i also offer specialized massages for various kinds of joints pains or even injuries. When you are with me you can be rest assured that at the end of the day your satisfaction is my utmost priority and I will do whatever it takes to ensure that the end result of my massage will give the necessary results that can make you walk away feeling fresh and energized. When you are with me, you will not feel the need of anything else apart from my special touch.


2 hours INR 15000 INR 15000
3 hours INR 20000 INR 20000
Dinner date INR 20000 INR 20000
Overnight INR 30000 INR 30000



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